Healthy Aging Research Foundation – What we Do and Why – Anti Aging Reno Nevada – Dr Ken Romeo

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Everyone wants to age gracefully and healthfully but few people know just HOW to do this.

The Healthy Aging Research Foundation (HARF) has developed a capture and interpretation mechanism for the evaluation of quantitative data in the biomedical sciences related to geriatrics and healthy aging.

Capturing this information is integral to the advancement of knowledge in health policy, clinical medicine, public health, health economics and other disciplines.cropped-20xvsti.png

In addition, The HARF is applying Artificial Intelligence to programming the collation of data in all fields related to aging.

The HARF has developed a model which isolates sources of variation between subgroups of individuals in post-clinical trials involving Geriatric and Genomic Medicine.

  • The importance of this model is that when coupled with similar research, various intrinsic properties of the individuals may be identified and collated. In human intervention trials, variation is introduced through the mechanism of treatment assignment, which may by randomization or other means. Currently, trials are not collated and assessed as inter-dependent works. HARF is attempting to merge the data and produce clinical treatment suggestions based on multiple studies and post-marketing data.
  • HARF investigates the associations between exposures or risk factors and outcomes, and seeks to determine the degree to which such associations can be interpreted as unidirectional or causal.

At HARF, we evaluate a large number of international peer-reviewed published research on aging, as well as clinical and quantitative research, both national and international as well as validate post-marketing data.

Our evaluations and collations include clinical trials and epidemiologic investigations in physical functioning, nutrition and cognitive function, among others.

HARF’s work therefore supports a uniquely holistic approach to aging research which ultimately is comprehensive and can be utilized by both science and more importantly, the general public.

Why do we do this? One, The public is ill-informed about issues regarding healthy aging and methods and techniques to age in the best possible manner. We are here to help. Two, Medicine does not collate the current research data to draw treatment conclusions. We are here to help. Three, governmental and public agencies are woefully unprepared to deal with the aging population of our planet. We are here to provide the information that may give them the proper direction. We are here to help in the development of public and health policy.

Dr. Ken Romeo is a Principal and Chief Clinical Data Coordinator for the Healthy Aging Research Foundation (HARF) in Reno, NV.

Though each article contained on this Blog is derived from published Clinical and Research data contained in various national and international databases with links provided,







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