Dr Ken Romeo, CV

 Ken Romeo, PhD, MD

Highlights of Qualifications

  • Vast experience in collating research dealing with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other diseases and problems associated with Aging, Geriatric and Genomic Medicine
  • Outstanding knowledge of laboratory procedures and the interpretation of clinical research studies; data and epidemiology
  • Exceptional knowledge of new and experimental drugs related to Alzheimer’s disease and Age-Related Inflammatory diseases – Rheumatology, Cardiology and various Dementias
  • Familiarity with pharmaceutical research methodology and statistical methods
  • Experience in performing research in historical medical data and clinical research
  • Exceptional knowledge of retrospective and prospective medical research methods


Principal and Chief Clinical Data Coordinator                                                                                      2010 to Present    

Healthy Aging Research Foundation (HARF) – Reno, NV

  • Developed the capture and interpretation mechanism for the evaluation of quantitative data in the biomedical sciences related to geriatrics and healthy aging. This is integral to the advancement of knowledge in health policy, clinical medicine, public health, health economics and other disciplines.

o    Processes to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming is on-going and expected to be completed by November 2016 for practitioner/public access

  • Developed the model which isolates sources of variation between subgroups of individuals in post-clinical trials involving Geriatric and Genomic Medicine.

o    The importance of this model is that when coupled with similar research, various intrinsic properties of the individuals may be identified and collated. In human intervention trials, variation is introduced through the mechanism of treatment assignment, which may by randomization or other means. Currently, trials are not collated and assessed as inter-dependent works. HARF is attempting to merge the data and produce clinical treatment suggestions based on multiple studies and post-marketing data.

o    HARGC investigates the associations between exposures or risk factors and outcomes, and seeks to determine the degree to which such associations can be interpreted as unidirectional or causal.

  • At HARF, I evaluate a large number of peer-reviewed published research on aging, as well as clinical and quantitative research, both national and international as well as validate post-marketing data.

o    My evaluations and collations include clinical trials and epidemiologic investigations in physical functioning, nutrition and cognitive function, among others. My work therefore supports and is integral to HARF uniquely holistic approach to aging research.

Executive Vice-President, Chief Science Officer                                                                                        2007 to 2012

Advanced Human Performance, Inc. – Reno NV

  • Heavy public relations interface with biochemists, food scientists, medical physicians at the clinical and university level to help validate research

o    Developed the sales strategy to industry professionals at product launch

o    Created innovative tactical and strategic approaches to meet and exceed business objectives

  • Proposed short and long term budgets and operated within the parameters of the budgets
  • Proposed integration of potential final-form products for patent sale to appropriate nutraceutical manufacturer for mass distribution
  • Multiple public relations presentations to groups ranging from high level academic settings to local associations and trade groups

Principal, The Alzheimer’s Doc                                                                                                                     2002 to 2007      

Geriatric In-Home Health Care – Reno NV

  • The practice focused primarily on patients with Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sales to Nurse Administration and physicians for a medical In-Home Care Business for “special needs” patients.
  • I am and was passionate about helping patients with chronic disease and life-threatening illnesses in regards to their receiving high-quality care from their health care professionals.
  • Increased clients by effectively communicating the advantages and benefits of utilizing The Alzheimer’s Doc for In-Home care needs of patients and families
  • Establish a positive, productive and collaborate working relationships with local Geriatric physicians and Wound Care Nurses and auxiliary medical operations
  • Published multiple articles on Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care which appeared in the New York Times Science blog, Forbes and The Wall Street Journal as well as the Company Blog
  • Developed Patent-Pending Dementia Tools for Professional and In-Home Caregivers

o    Inventor and Trademark holder of Dementia Measurement Tools:

  • Think Links™
  • Brain Waves™

Team Physician                                                                                                                                                2005 to 2007

USA Boxing, United States Olympic Team

  • Served as a Ringside Physician for the United States Olympic Boxing Team. Traveled with the USA Team to various sporting events

Medical School Graduate and Student                                                                                                       2001 to 2005

  • Clinical and on-line attendance to achieve MD degree
  • Fully licensed MD in India, Registration Number IBAM – A28327 (1/17/2005)


M.D.    Internal Medicine and Alternative Medicine,

             Open International University – Calcutta, India (1/17/2005) License: A-27327 (Active)

  • Clinical and Continuing Medical Education

o    Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH) – Rheumatology, Cardiology, Geriatric Medicine

o    Harvard Medicine School (Boston, MA) – Geriatric and Psychiatric Medicine

Ph.D.    Business Administration, Columbia Pacific University

                 San Rafael, CA – Marketing Psychology

MBA     Business Administration, Columbia Pacific University

                 San Rafael, CA – Finance

BA         Business Administration – Morrison University

                 Reno, NV – Accounting

Community Involvement & Volunteer

  • Commissioner, NV State Commission on Aging
  • Board Member, Washoe County Senior Services Advisory Board
  • NV State Ballot Committee Appointment – 2016 “The Medical Patient Tax Relief Act” – Question 4
  • Political Party Liaison for Washoe County to NV State Senate and Legislature
  • Past Washoe County Library Board Member
  • Elks
  • Oddfellows


Alzheimer’s Association of America, National Alzheimer’s Month Cognition Screenings

  • Received US Senate, US Congressional and Washoe County Commission Recognition (2010) for setting the National Record for Individual Dementia Cognition Testing in United States – over 1,000 in a single month – Partnered with Raley’s Grocery Stores in Northern NV to achieve this goal

Roche Laboratories Special Sales Achievement Award

  • 8 out of 8 years while employed by Roche Laboratories